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Nistowiak Falls

Historic Adventure


Mark this one off your bucket list! Travel back in time when entering Holy Trinity Anglican Church, the oldest standing building in Saskatchewan. Use your hawkeyes to locate the pictographs. If you're feeling adventurous, try to locate the black sands of Drope Lake. Enjoy the beautiful flat water paddling, inching your way closer to the breathtaking power of Nistowiak Falls. Take a hike up Jim's Camp's goat trails, follow the sounds of rushing water. 


Lynx Lake Circuit

Fishin' & Chillin'

The route options are as plenty as the fish in the Lynx Lake area and is perfect for developing your canoe-tripping skills. With a mix of beautiful small lakes interconnected with well-established portages, you will forget about the stresses of home and enjoy the legendary northern sunsets while sitting around your fire with family and friends. The connection between your gang grows stronger with each day of paddling on the Lynx Lake Circuit. 

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Best of the Churchill River

You Know You Want To​

Paddle the majestic voyageur highway like the coureur du bois of bygone ages. Take on challenges like larger lakes, catching the lee of islands as you navigate the best route or playing  in the moving waters of the Barker Lake area or seeking evidence of the legendary Little People. Bask in the views of cascading water as you portage around picturesque rapids & falls. Cross this off your bucket list!


Nipekamew R. & Sand Cliffs

Whitewater, Wildlife... or Just Float


Needle your way through the rocks of the Nipekemew, constantly testing your whitewater skills. Push yourself to the limit on one of Northern Saskatchewan's well-hidden secrets; your heart will race with excitement while executing your next move. Enjoy the legendary Sand Cliffs that surround you. The raging river mellows near the end and you are now surrounded by wildlife, birds, moose, beavers and more. End your perfect trip with a sandy beach camp and fire on Lac La Ronge.


Montreal River

Whitewater River Adventure


Dip your paddle into history and explore the Montreal River highway. Used by the First Nations and settlers of Canada long before the creation of roads and is a perfect river to develop your moving water skills, filled with long rapids and rock-dodging. Enjoy flatwater paddling across Bigstone Lake that separates you from Lac La Ronge and then run the last set of rapids, duck under the bridge and paddle around the corner to the dock at Montreal River Outpost in Air Ronge.

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North Shore

Craving Solitude and a Good Fish Fry?

That's what the north shore of Lac La Ronge is all about. The Whitemoose route starts at Bulbick Lake and shoots you out in Stanley Mission. Don't have time for this epic trip? Try the "express experience" from Four Portages Bay to Wadin Bay campground. Find yourself in fish country, with every cast of the reel more promising than the last. Enjoy the rocky shore to set up camp while you go catch supper. 


Local Lac La Ronge

Beach It, Paddle It, Pedal It or Kick It

Paddle, pedal or kick it, the Nut Point 15 km trail is jam-packed with challenging terrain for the whole gang to enjoy! Look out for the jumping cliffs! Or explore the south shore of Lac La Ronge and find yourself in solitude and sand. A well-kept secret of kilometres-long beaches with shallow water (some with purple sand!) just waiting for you to set up camp and lounge. A great open water kayak trip or book a MRO boat shuttle out of pure laziness (only a 15 minute boat ride from Napatak boat launch). 

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A Bit of This & That Off the Beaten Path

This is the route that fur traders used to paddle from La Ronge to Pelican Narrows trading posts. Spot wildlife in this transition zone between the Precambrian rock of the Canadian Shield and marshes and sandy forests. Experience diversity with large lakes and rollicking river paddling, most rapids navigable for  intermediate whitewater paddlers.



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