Montreal River Molanosa to Air Ronge

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Montreal River Molanosa to Air Ronge

Dip your paddle into history and explore the Montreal River highway. Used by the First Nations and settlers of Canada long before the creation of roads and is a perfect river to develop your moving water skills, filled with long rapids and rock-dodging.

Enjoy flatwater paddling across Bigstone Lake that separates you from Lac La Ronge and then run the last set of rapids, duck under the bridge and paddle around the corner to the dock at Montreal River Outpost in Air Ronge.

This trip can be broken into three sections. The first from Molanosa to Hwy102 is mostly a moving water trip with CI rapids and one weir about half way down that needs to be portages around.

The second section between Hwy102 and Hwy 165 bridges known for its quantity and quality of bouldery CI and C2 rapids. The third section runs from Hwy165 to our shop on the shores of Lac La Ronge.

After running the two remaining rapids down from the bridge the river meanders endlessly before opening up into a number of shallow lakes.

Hold on to your hats as just when you think you are done there is one more stretch of rapids starting at Bigstone Landing and finishing at the bridge where the water dumps into Lac La Ronge. This final stretch will rival anything you have run to this point.

As always we are happy to provide rental or shuttle service to support your trip as required.

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CII Whitewater/River/Lake Travel





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Montreal River Molanosa to Air Ronge

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