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Canoe Shuttles

Northern Saskatchewan Canoe Shuttle

Whether you're using your own canoes or renting from us, we want your trip experience to be as enjoyable as possible! Our canoe shuttle service ensures safe and efficient canoe route drop-off / pick-up points. So you can sit back and enjoy the view.


Canoe shuttles are a cost effective, low carbon footprint alternative to flying.  We can get you into the best that northern Saskatchewan has to offer without sacrificing your suspension or windshield on the northern Saskatchewan roads. 

Friendly, experienced northern drivers.

15-passenger canoe shuttle for the gang &gear.

Up to 4 canoes on top of van ensures your canoes arrive clean at your destination.

Save your windshield - your vehicle never has to leave the pavement!

Secure parking for your vehicle in our compound​.

The driver might even let you pick the music!

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Canoe Shuttle Rates

Below you can find our canoe shuttle rates to some of the most popular canoe routes in Northern Saskatchewan. If you're ready to book your canoe shuttle you can skip down to our online booking software and secure your shuttle.

Don't see your canoe route on the list? No worries! Head over our Contact Page and reach out to us by phone or email, and we can get you a canoe shuttle cost.

Online Canoe Shuttle Booking

Ready to book your canoe shuttle online? Use our online booking software to secure a date and make sure you get to your destination safely.

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Still Need More Information?

Montreal River Outpost is northern Saskatchewan's canoe shuttle service. Whether you're planning to canoe the Churchill River or Lac La Ronge, we can get you and your canoes there and back safely.

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