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 Mark this one off your bucket list! Everyone in Saskatchewan has heard the wonders of the historic waterway from Stanley to Nistowiak Falls. Travel back in time when entering the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, the oldest standing building in Saskatchewan. Carry on at your own pace along the rocky shore of the channel. Use your hawkeyes to locate the pictographs. Set up base camp at the energizing rapids, let the sounds around you pull you into reality. If you're feeling adventurous, try to locate the black sands of Drope Lake. Keep in mind, this is only the start of your journey. Enjoy the beautiful flat water paddling, inching your way closer to the breathtaking power of Nistowiak Falls. Take a hike up Jim's Camp's goat trails, follow the sounds of rushing water. This next moment will change your life forever,  but you'll have to find out for yourself. 

trip details

your route

Four Portage Bay, Rapid River, Iskwatikan, Nistowiak, Drope, Mountain

getting In

Shuttle from MRO to 4 Portage Bay Lac La Ronge

getting Out

Shuttle from Stanley Mission to MRO





4-5 days

***This route may be shortened or extended. Please contact us to discuss options.


Nistowiak Falls, Stanley Mission Church






Pickerel, Pike, Lake Trout

Rentals are a great and affordable way of getting yourself and others onto the water. At MRO we make it as easy as possible to get geared up for either a day of recreational fun or a multi-day trip!


We also offer shuttle services to several different drop-off & pickup spots in the area. We love to get people out and experiencing the North! Help us help you!

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