Wild Whitewater Adventure

The Road from before

Dip your paddle into history and explore the water highway of the Montreal River. Used by the First Nations and settlers of Canada long before the creation of roads, it still flows as it did then. If you are looking for a sensible place to develop your moving water skills, this river is for you. Filled with long rapids and rock-dodging, this is the perfect spot to dip your toes in for your whitewater tripping adventure. Start to feel yourself becoming one with the meandering river, paddling at the pace you desire. Enjoy the solitude of watching the setting sun with sand between your toes on the banks of the river. Toward the end, enjoy the flat-water paddling across Bigstone Lake that separates you from Lac La Ronge. Run the last set of rapids and come to the bridge that separates Air Ronge from La Ronge. Paddle to the dock at Montreal River Outpost in Air Ronge.

trip details

your route

Molanosa, Montreal Lake, Partridge Crop Lake, Sikachu Lake, Egg Lake, Bigstone Lake, Lac La Ronge

getting In

Shuttle from MRO to Molanosa

getting Out

Trip Ends at MRO Shop


146 km


5-7 days



Fun, shallow, rocky rapids, wildlife




Basic to Moderate whitewater skills required


Fishing is good in lakes 

Rentals are a great and affordable way of getting yourself and others onto the water. At MRO, we make it as easy as possible to get geared up for either a day of recreational fun or a multi-day trip! We also offer shuttle services to several different drop-off & pickup spots in the area. We love to get people out and experiencing the North. Help us help you!

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