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Find your own way down the legendary Nut Point Trail. Pedal or kick it, this trail is jam-packed with challenging terrain for the whole gang to enjoy! 15km of beautiful diverse Northern Saskatchewan forest. The journey may seem treacherous at times, you might even want to turn around. Just remember why you started, power through your self-doubt. Once you reach the end, you will be proud of what you just accomplished. The point will comfort you in its beauty, you will forget about the struggles and soon realize in that moment it was worth it. OR get your paddle wet! Skim your away along the rocky shore, finding jumping cliffs in the channel and hidden fishing holes. Let the water guide you to marker 6 where you can meet up with your ground crew! There is a little something for everyone!

trip details

your route

Nut Point trail, Lac La Ronge to marker #6

getting In

Trip starts from Nut Point Campground

getting Out

Trip also ends back at Nut Point Campground


15km each way



2 days



Beautiful scenery, challenging trail, great camping.


Not really


Moderate lake travel

Challenging back-country trail


Fishing for northern pike, lake trout and pickerel

Rentals are a great and affordable way of getting yourself and others onto the water. At MRO we make it as easy as possible to get geared up for either a day of recreational fun or a multi-day trip!


We also offer shuttle services to several different drop-off & pickup spots in the area. We love to get people out and experiencing the North! Help us help you!

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