Fishing paradise

Triple threat

Craving solitude and a good fish fry ? This loop starts at Bulbick Lake and shoots you out in Stanley Mission! Surround yourself in the silence of a series of lakes and miraculous river ways. Find yourself in fish country, with every cast of the reel more promising than the last. Enjoy the rocky shore to set up camp while you go catch supper. This trip has everything you could ask for: solitude, world-class fishing, flat water, moving water and experiencing Northern Saskatchewan. Whether you are seeking fish, solitude or just along for the ride, this adventure is right for you.

trip details

your route

Bulbick, Lac La Ronge, Hunter Bay, Nunn, Few, Lawson, Big Whitemoose, Whitemoose River, Little Whitemoose, Whitemoose River, Drinking, Nistowiak, Drope, Mountain

getting In

Shuttle from MRO to Bulbick

getting Out

Shuttle from Stanley Mission to MRO


125 km



8-10 days



Precambrian Mountains, some of the best fishing anywhere







Rentals are a great and affordable way of getting yourself and others onto the water. At MRO we make it as easy as possible to get geared up for either a day of recreational fun or a multi-day trip!


We also offer shuttle services to several different drop-off & pickup spots in the area. We love to get people out and experiencing the North! Help us help you!

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