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Are we on the ocean??

Explore the south shore of Lac La Ronge and find yourself in solitude and sand. A well-kept secret of kilometre-long beaches just waiting for you to let it all hang out. Set up base camp and enjoy the hot sand under your feet while slowly going through your day. Soak up the sun while lounging peacefully in the middle of nowhere. This adventure is purely about rest and relaxation, groovin' slow with your gang or solo.

trip details

your route

South-East Shore of Lac La Ronge

getting In

Shuttle from MRO to Napatak

getting Out

Shuttle from Nepekemew Bay to MRO


45km of beautiful flat water and sandy beaches


3-5 days



Endless sand beaches, breathtaking sunsets




Large lake travel with potential for large waves,  Allow for extra time.


Good fishing for northern pike, pickerel and even greyling

Rentals are a great and affordable way of getting yourself and others onto the water. At MRO we make it as easy as possible to get geared up for either a day of recreational fun or a multi-day trip!


We also offer shuttle services to several different drop-off & pickup spots in the area. We love to get people out and experiencing the North! Help us help you!

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